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Pontoon Party Tub

Pontoon Boat Rental - Boat Cruise Newport Beach

​​​What is the cancellation policy?

We take your credit card and hold it (not charged) when you reserve the rental cruise and if you cancel your cruise with more than 36 hours advance notice you are not charged anything. If you cancel between 24-36 hours in advance we will charge $25. If the cancellation happens in under 24 hours notice we charge $50 on the held card.

How many people are allowed on the pontoon boat?

Up to eight passengers are allowed on the hot tub boat at a time. There is also a weight limit with the eight passengers which is not to exceed 2000lbs. 

We do not want to drive ourselves, can we hire a boat captain?

Based on captain availability, yes. We do charge $40/hr for a US Coast Guard licensed captain to be on board for the charter. Please call to make this reservation.

Are we allowed to be drinks and/or food on board?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own food or drink pontoon boat. We do ask you please do not eat while in the hot tub!

What times do you cruise and how do I reserve the boat?

To see our cruise times and availability please visit our calender by clicking on any of the "Reserve your Rental" buttons on our site. Once there you can reserve and make payment. Or, just call and ask!

Is the boat safe/easy to drive?

Yes, the hot tub pontoon boat is easy to drive and is very safe. When you arrive for your boat rental you will be given instructions on how to operate the boat and some basic safety instructions.

Is there a security deposit for renting the pontoon boat?

No, we simply hold your card on file while you are on your cruise. We worked hard to build this unique hot tub pontoon boat and work hard to maintain it. We want to make sure you are responsible with it and it comes back in good condition. Only negligent and irresponsible behavior on the boat will cause damage. If damage is caused, the held card will be charged up to $500 for damages. Excessive damages will be dealt with legally.

What if there is bad weather on the day of our boat rental?

We want you to be safe on the water. If the weather will compromise your safety we will call in advance to cancel your reservation. It doesn't need to be sunny to enjoy the boat but if it is pouring rain and/or very windy we will be forced to cancel the cruise.

I purchased a Groupon voucher, how do I go about reserving?

You can reserve directly online with your Groupon voucher. There will be a spot in the reservation form for you to enter your voucher code. This will take the total amount owed down to $0. We do still take a credit card but do not charge it unless damages are done to the hot tub boat or if you miss your cruise without giving us notice. If you want to add time to your Groupon voucher that needs to be done over the phone. We will take the voucher and then charge $40 for each additional 30 minutes of rental time. GREAT value!