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Pontoon Party Tub

Pontoon Boat Charter - Boat Cruise Newport Beach

Pontoon Party Tub is a custom built pontoon boat for the sole purpose of putting a hot tub on it. We built it for you to enjoy a unique harbor cruise in Newport Beach. We are a small local company that provides excellent service and an excellent product to YOU, our valued cruisers. The goal is to have a few hot tub pontoon boats in Newport Beach to be able to offer this experience to more people but we can only do this by offering you the best service and experience in the bay. 

In order to minimize our footprint on our local waters we fill the hot tub mostly with salt water. We never put any chemicals in the hot tub that would transfer back into the ocean. After every cruise we drain the tub and then fill it again with hot sea water and fresh water to be as eco-friendly and health-conscious as we possibly can be.

By taking care of the waters we love and the cruisers we value Pontoon Party Tub hopes to be your choice for time on the water in Newport Beach!